Café Doorstep is an Athens, Ohio subscription delivery service that brings a café to your doorstep for only $5 a day!

No menu, no hassle - just a homemade baked good and fair trade coffee roast delivered to your doorstep!


What is Café Doorstep?

Café Doorstep is a subscription service that delivers a baked good and coffee to your doorstep in the mornings - all at the same price it would cost to go to a coffee shop!

How does it work?

Starting off, we are only offering Café Doorstep on Sundays, with a scheduled delivery between 8AM and 10AM.

You'll receive a request through your preferred app (Venmo or CashApp) on Friday! After completing the request, all you do is wait!

Sunday morning between 8AM and 10AM you will receive a text message with a photo of your baked good and coffee to let you know it's ready for you at your doorstep! If you prefer a specific time slot (8-9 or 9-10, please let us know while signing up, or by emailing us at!)

How much does it cost?

$5! This includes everything! The coffee, baked good and delivery!

Will you ever expand beyond just Sunday deliveries?

If there's demand for it, 100%! Shoot us an email at and let us know what days you'd like to see us do deliveries.

Can I choose my baked good or coffee roast?

At some point down the road, we will open up more options to choose from, but starting off we are keeping things simple! Think of it like a surprise! Plus, we promise they'll be delicious!

Are there any safety issues regarding COVID?

Our delivery driver's are vaccinated, and at no point should you come in contact with anyone from Café Doorstep! (Unless you're outside when the delivery is made!)

For any other questions, comments or concerns, please email us at